Collaborate for Good

#SGUnited – because together, we can overcome!

Join the community to help Singapore overcome COVID-19. This page seeks to facilitate collaborations among companies – because we’re better together, and we can create greater impact when we work together. Everyone has something to offer, and something they need more support in, so let's pitch in as one Company of Good community.

  • If you are a company looking for partners or additional support to scale your initiatives, share an opportunity with the COG community
  • If you are a company looking to partner, view the opportunities listed below and connect with the company directly to get started

You may view our key areas of impact here.

Collaboration Opportunities

COVID-19: Seeking partners to offer pro-bono services or extended free trial periods etc to startups and SMEs

Contact details: Jamie Heng, [email protected]

Inviting consultants, solution providers, vendors, etc to offer pro-bono services or extended free trial periods, etc to help startups and SMEs during this period.

Suitable offerings will be listed in our widely circulated Found8 Resource Pack (Section 2.8)

COVID-19: Giving thanks to our frontline health workers

Contact details: [email protected]

Collaborative brand Art Social has set up a gratitude board at Capitol Singapore, with the support of Majurity Trust. Aside from hosting the board at their premises for six weeks, Capitol Singapore will also be giving a $1 Capitol Singapore retail voucher (redeemable with min. $5 spend at participating outlets) to individuals who have written a note. Another corporate partner has since stepped in to sponsor a gift of love to a frontline worker for every note written.

Art Social is seeking new partners to join them – either as :

  • Hosts that can put up additional gratitude boards at their spaces (either in retail or within the community)
  • Gift sponsors to provide gifts to frontline workers
  • Volunteers to man the board (two volunteers per shift, for two shifts per location)

COVID-19: Help us bring food to those who need it

*CONTACT DETAILS - [email protected] or Mobile +65-9855-4805

Food Bank Singapore is the CSR arm of food distribution company Foodxervices (FX). Food Bank Singapore (FBSG) is currently experiencing a drastic drop in food, donations and volunteer involvement over the past months. We are seeking corporate partners to ensure beneficiaries can receive food supplies regularly.

Three ways you can contribute:

  1. Food Contribution:.
    1. Corporates can offer non-perishable food in-kind to Foodxervices. (to be donated to FBSG)
    2. FX offers consolidation services and delivers collected products to FBSG.
  2. Delivery Contribution:
    1. Corporates can offer to assist FX to FBSG in delivery of food products to beneficiaries (please contact FX to discuss timing.)
  3. Sponsorship Contribution:
    1. Corporates can offer to pay for food bundles to be given to beneficiaries.
    2. Foodxervices offers to help buy food products (negotiated) at below retail costs from suppliers as a distributor.

COVID-19: Help provide Protective Disinfection to the non-profits

CONTACT DETAILS: Benjamin Chua, Founder [email protected] or 6737 8918

Spic & Span has been providing complimentary protective disinfection to the most vulnerable – like eldercare centres and nursing homes. We have done so for more than 20 premises (such as AWWA, St. Luke’s and others) but there are over 500 non-profits - we aim to cover all and would need to cover our basic costs of operations.

Community Chest covers the first $3,000 of cleaning costs, but some of these non-profits have multiple sites to manage. Cleaning costs are typically charged by square metres of space, so those with multiple sites do not have enough funds to clean frequently and regularly.


  1. 20% of the cost of cleaning by Corporate sponsors ($1 psm). 
  2. Various cleaning supplies to non-profits and beneficiaries. 



  1. 80% of the cost of cleaning.

Here’s where else you can contribute:

See how the wider community is stepping up to support one another at Singapore’s one-stop portal for COVID-19 community efforts.

You can help the different charities respond to community needs amidst COVID-19 by donating money, essential items, or volunteering your time at Singapore’s one-stop portal for giving.

You can provide in-kind donations such as masks, sanitisers and others to various charities and ground-ups that have put up requests.