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Are you a company seeking partners to collaborate with for additional resources in your giving journey, or preferring to join in another company’s initiative to do good?

Or a member of the public looking for a listing of socially-conscious companies where you can eat or shop for good?

This is the page for you!

You may take two types of action on this page:

1) Submit a collaboration opportunity via the button below if you are a company looking for partners or additional support or resources. Your submission will be posted on this page within 24 hours once approved. Remember to share your ideas and what you are seeking clearly so like-minded individuals and corporates can respond to your call!

2) Support and connect with potential companies by viewing the opportunities listed below.

We believe everyone has something to offer and something they need more support in. Let us pitch in as one Company of Good community, because together, we are better!

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List of Collaboration Opportunities

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Space For Good with WeWork

01 Oct, 2020 - 31 Dec, 2020

Providing exclusive discounted rates for office spaces and events reservations

Christmas Market for Good

19 Oct, 2020 - 24 Dec, 2020

Get meaningful gifts that give back to society.

Redistributing unsold food at clearance pricing

15 Oct, 2020 - Ongoing

We provide businesses and households with affordable food supplies while driving food sustainability

Creating e-learning content


Seeking expertise in digitalisation of learning content

Essential items for vulnerable groups

09 Sep, 2020 - 31 Dec, 2020

Seeking corporates and individuals to support vulnerable groups with low-bono priced essential items

Support Hygiene Education

22 Jun, 2020 - 31 Dec, 2020

Seeking learning tool fund sponsors and beneficiaries

Be a partner of Retail for Good


Join us if you are a retailer looking to make doing good part of your business model!

Providing cooked food to families

27 Apr, 2020 - 31 Dec, 2020

Seeking fund sponsors and delivery support to provide 200 cooked food bentos per day to needy families (Beyond Social Services)

Here’s where else you can contribute:

See how the wider community is stepping up to support one another at Singapore’s one-stop portal for COVID-19 community efforts.

You can help the different charities respond to community needs amidst COVID-19 by donating money, essential items, or volunteering your time at Singapore’s one-stop portal for giving.

You can provide in-kind donations such as masks, sanitisers and others to various charities and ground-ups that have put up requests.