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Long Black Café - Dine at Long Black Café to support their sustainability efforts


Haze-Free Foodstand: Dine at Long Black Cafe and go haze-free!

Are you craving for something that you shouldn’t eat? Long Black Cafe’s got you covered with their guilt-free delicacies!

With finely crafted coffees and simple yet delectable food coupled with warm service, Long Black Cafe embodies the best of a classic cafe atmosphere for all guests. Located at a cozy alfresco part of Biopolis, you will find a wide range of food and beverage that would serve a casual lunch, a business meeting to a comforting hot cup of java on a busy afternoon, this is a perfect place for that much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the modern life.

Long Black Cafe's sustainability efforts include using RSPO certified cooking oil.

Dine at Long Black Cafe and go haze-free!

Find out more about Long Black Cafe’s haze-free journey with Haze-Free Foodstand: