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And All Things Delicious - Purchase goods and comfort foods from All Things Delicious and support their sustainability efforts


Haze-Free Foodstand: Dine at All Things Delicious and go haze-free!

All Things Delicious is a Muslim-owned, halal-certified bakery-cafe located in the heart of Kampung Gelam that offers same-day delivery! They serve freshly-baked goods and wholesome comfort foods. Starting each day with fresh ingredients, their team of talented chefs and front-of-house staff are happy to bake, cook and serve customers throughout the day starting from 8 AM daily.

All Things Delicious' sustainability efforts include using RSPO certified ingredients.

Dine at All Things Delicious and go haze-free!

Find out more about All Things Delicious’ haze-free journey with Haze-Free Foodstand: