Collaborate for Good

Livingwear Pte. Ltd. - Purchase from Livingwear to plant trees around the world (1 purchase = 1 tree planted)


1 Livingwear product purchase = 1 Tree planted around the world

Livingwear is a modern apparel company on a mission to design for a better world. Driven by curiosity and learning, we explore and experiment with sustainable material engineering, all whilst recognizing & celebrating differences – life, bodies, people and ways of living. Experience a World of Difference(s)™ together.

We make elevated designer essentials for effortless living – chic and sustainably designed. 

Livingwear uses organic and sustainable materials in our products and we are always innovating with new material technology and science, bringing innovation to our customers, such as yourself, bringing them AI fit recommenders, our MYNT technology (Active Peppermint Technology) and more. 

Our social initiative, called "Be-A-Differentiator", is simple. We give back to a social cause when a product is purchased. We work together with different NGOs and partners on a 6-month rotating partnership to give back to different causes that we feel strongly for.

From July to December 2021, we are partnering up with TreeNation, to reforest our world. Every purchase of a Livingwear product = 1 Tree planted or restored around the world. 

Head down to our website to view our elevated essentials:! (We have red T-shirts and dresses for our NDP celebration and even for next year's Lunar New Year!) 

Gift cards available for friends and family!