Collaborate for Good

Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique - Shop with Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique and partnering F&B outlets to support EQUAL (animal-assisted intervention centre)


Journey with Birds of Paradise for EQUAL

We delight in creating gelato of the finest quality, inspired by the botanical flavours of nature. At Birds of Paradise, we seek for our gelato to make the world a better place – for ourselves, our colleagues, our customers, and the communities that make up who we are.

On the occasion of Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique’s 5th birthday in July 2021, Birds of Paradise invites the public to Journey with Birds of Paradise for EQUAL.

For one year from July 2021 to June 2022, we aim to raise funds for EQUAL to build a sustainable source of funds for its animal-assisted learning programmes

Join us through make monthly donations (min. $10/month) or one-time donations to EQUAL (via

In appreciation of your support towards EQUAL, Birds of Paradise will also :

-Match all donations dollar-for-dollar (capped at $5,000);
-Offer all donors sign-ups to visit the EQUAL stables; 
-Offer a complimentary single scoop of gelato on a thyme cone at the end of each quarter to monthly donors (minimum $10/month over a full quarter, e.g. donors who donated in Jul, Aug and Sep 2021 will receive a complimentary scoop of gelato). 
-Qualify for the first IG giveaway with The Coconut Club : To kick start the Journey with Birds of Paradise for EQUAL, Birds of Paradise has teamed up with three of our favourite F&B collaborators (The Coconut Club, Common Man Coffee Roasters and French Fold) for Instagram (IG) giveaways throughout the year. Donors will stand a chance to win these delectable surprises when we announce the giveaway on IG. The first giveaway for five winners is a dining experience from The Coconut Club 


EQUAL is an animal-assisted intervention centre that improves the mental and emotional health of people with special needs, the elderly with dementia, youth, and families through therapy assisted by horses, cats and dogs. Most of their horses are rescued from being put down and retrained to become therapy partners that serve 1,500 beneficiaries annually from social service organisations. As a small local charity, they depend on the kindness of donors to carry out their virtuous cycle of rescuing animals, who go on to rescue us.