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Gift an experience to children from marginalized communities with your SRV!

UNTAME – a STEM-based festival that will be an empowering experience for families, children, parents and educators alike to step out of their comfort zone and discover STEM learning opportunities in our daily life.

This year, embark on a journey through time to restore our home in #UNTAMEreboot! Explore various habitats and uncover the damage done to the planet by humanity’s unsustainable living and practices. It's up to you to reboot our world.

Children from marginalized communities may not have the opportunities to enhance their learning outside school.  If you are not using your SRV, consider donating them so beneficiaries can enjoy various hands-on activities and online games, and missions to learn about sustainability and be empowered to become stewards of the environment.   

Click here to donate your SRV for a good cause.

Start Date: 10 Sep 2021
End Date: 31 Oct 2021


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