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Come learn about Theory of Change with Soristic!

This course equips learners with a working knowledge of concepts and terminology associated with the Theory of Change approach and logic models.

Learners of this course will:
-Gain knowledge and skills to identify and organise client outcomes
-Be able to create measurable outcome indicators
-Interpret service standards through an in-depth understanding of client outcomes and Theory of Change (TOC).
-Evaluate their programmes more holistically and extract learnings to help improve services for their clients.

Event Details :
Date : 17 Sep 
Time :0930-1230
Price : $180 

The instructor of the course, Dr June Lee holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from University of Western Australia. (She was also an Honorary Research Fellow at Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy (ACSEP) and NUS Business School. More recently, she has been involved in helping a number of charities develop and articulate their logic models and underpinning Theory of Change.

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Start Date: 27 Aug 2021
End Date: 17 Sep 2021


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