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Seeking collaborations with companies to empower youths (winners/promising filmmakers)

Cocreates is an agency whose mission is to empower youths in the process of building a community of creatives skilled in creative storytelling, content creation and social media marketing to tell inspirational stories of Do-Gooders and help company CSRs share their research, reach their efforts into the wider communities, so that we will be able to start building a more conscious and sustainable society together. 

We are currently producing a vertical film festival, with the theme on sustainability: People & Planet, called Wide to Tall Film Festival, where the aim is to empower youths to research on topics of sustainability (from UN's SDGs) to create inspiring vertical cinema content for submission to the film festival, using their own voice, and more importantly on the medium of their choice. 

We are looking to collaborate with corporates to come on board, as CSR programmes looking to support the winners/promising filmmakers in on-going activities to fund and provide promotional engagement with the communities in need. So that this can truly be a sustainable on-going activity, which doesn't end when the last award is given out. But act as a catalyst which helps spur on more content creation which will help support the communities in need, in turn giving more jobs for all stakeholders (creatives and the beneficiaries). Cocreates will be facilitate the on-going processes into project management and help keep the strategies and systems in check as well as to measure impact throughout the project.  But most importantly, to ensure the project in completed effectively and efficiently. 

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