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Soristic Asia Pte. Ltd. - Purchase Christmas gifts from Soristic to support non-profits and ground-up initiatives


Get Christmas gifts for a good cause from Soristic

Soristic Impact Collective is a social impact consultancy and a social enterprise that focuses on impact assessment and social sector research in Southeast Asia. In our work, we partner with many organisations that create programs towards uplifting marginalised communities in Singapore. As we draw towards the end of 2021 and we look towards a better and more promising year, Soristic is looking to do our part in raising our collective consciousness towards the importance of looking beyond the self and doing our part to be more inclusive to different people in our community.

As part of Giving Week, here are some of our events taking place that we hope you can be part of:

1. My Inclusion Pledge 

My Inclusion Pledge is founded on the belief that everyone of us can play a part in creating a more compassionate society through our effort to make every individual seen, valued and heard regardless of their identity.

Nearly all of us would have experienced episodes or situations when we are different and are excluded. For many, these are rare experiences that do not have significant impact on our lives. But for others, being excluded could be part of their everyday life. They are not fully seen, valued or heard as they lack access to opportunities to participate fully in society. They lose out economically, socially, politically and are more likely to experience poor health, loneliness and poor self-esteem.

We can make our society a more inclusive one by acting together today. You can start by taking action today to make your school, your workplace, your community, and your world more inclusive. Think of a family member, friend, schoolmate, colleague or someone in your wider community who has been excluded. Take a pledge on how you will take action to make them feel more included in the next one year and ensure that you follow through with your actions. Together, we can make the world a kinder one for everyone.

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2. My Christmas Pledge – Meaningful Christmas gifts from the heart

Christmas is a wonderful time to get together to celebrate with our families and friends.

At the cusp of a new year, it’s an opportune time to renew our pledge to support sustainability and inclusivity goals for our community.

Soristic has designed and curated pencil cases, pouches and bags with messaging that resonates with your commitment to your pledges for the new year. We have designs that are sure to delight people of all ages.

These items will be available for purchase from end November 2021 to Early January 2022 from online retailers including Fairmarch. Click here to view the items!

50% of the proceeds will go to non-profits and ground up initiatives that support persons in our community with mental health conditions, migrant workers and differently abled persons.