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Covid-19: The remaining 300 KidsExcel Children need tablets to continue their learning. Can you help?

CONTACT DETAILS: Chang Shih Khoon, co-founder [email protected] or 9026 5907

Viva Kids works with about 700 children from low income and vulnerable families in schools, charities and social service agencies where we conduct the year-long Sports and Academic programme, KidsExcel. Due to Covid-19, we have started the KidsExcel Online Booster Initiative so as to keep learning alive for these children by migrating them to a virtual classroom where our tutors are able to continue to interact with the pupils and monitor their learning and mental well-being.

With the support of funders, we have been able secure funding for 400 compatible learning devices with mobile connectivity. Urgent support from donors would allow us to secure devices for the remaining 300 pupils on our programme.

What KidsExcel Offers:

  • English and Maths curriculum that is aligned to MOE’s syllabus
  • 2 hours of online teaching per subject per week with trained tutors
  • Sim cards to provide mobile connectivity for 700 tablets

What KidsExcel Needs Now 

  • 300 tablets for teaching and learning.