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Help dogs, one bracelet at a time!

Postman's Trinkets

Help dogs, one bracelet at a time

Postman's Trinkets is a humble jewellery store with one goal: to lend a helping hand to dog shelters.

Help dogs, one bracelet at a time, as 30% of our total sales proceeds go towards a different shelter per month.

This little ditty here sums up our mission best.

"A big thanks and woof woof
From the the bottom of our hearts
We appreciate you checking out our bracelets
And filling up your shopping cart

Hope you like the trinkets
You're also helping a good cause
30% of all proceeds are donated
To shelter doggos and their precious paws"

Check out our products, as well as shelter partners, at

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For corporate buys and bulk purchase, or to collaborate with us, please enquire via the form below.


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