Collaborate for Good

Domino's Pizza - Participate in an auction to purchase self-designed bicycles to raise funds for students


Redeem refurbished bicycles in support of MVS for Giving Week

Early 2010s, Domino’s Pizza Singapore acquired numerous mountain bikes as one of the modes to deliver pizzas in the neighbourhood. These bicycles were then later decommissioned in 2020 and replaced with e-bicycles for more efficient deliveries.

Instead of discarding the unused bicycles, Domino’s Pizza Singapore donated some of the bicycles to various NGOs, among them was Mountbatten Vocational School MVS. 5 of the bicycles were designed by students from MVS after staff members of Domino’s Pizza refurbished the bicycles.

The objective of the project is to raise funds for resources & equipment for MVS students’ vocational training through the creative expression from the 5 students.

If you are interested to be part of the auction for these bicycles, please click on this link to find out more.