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Juice Stories LLP - Juice wellness workshop to raise funds for special needs workers and elderly


Juice Wellness Workshop for Corporate Team-bonding

Looking for an interesting Team Bonding Activity and do good at the same time? 

Juice Wellness Workshop provides your team with a session packed with juice tasting, quizzes, hands-on practice and learning the formula for (1) Boosting Immunity or (2) Shaping Up. Contact us at 8918-3819 or [email protected] for enquiries.

Juice Stories is a social enterprise located at Enabling Village providing hand-made cold-pressed juices to serve the community and corporates.  Our social missions are to promote good health, provide employment to older workers and persons with special needs, and support an eco-friendly environment through sustainable packaging.  Every dollar you spend will contribute to the learning and earning of our Juice Crews and provide them with a better future.




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