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Gmeal - Connecting Good with Pay-it-forward

Buy someone their lunch. Make a difference. Gmeal connects sponsors with beneficiaries to spread generosity and kindness. You can sponsor meals from your phone and help someone in less than 5 minutes. We bring individuals and corporations together to meet the needs of the underprivileged and reduce food waste.


Merchants: Let food be a source of kindness. If you are a restaurant, hawker, caterer, hotel or grocery store, you can register and upload your available meals on Gmeal’s free platform. You then receive a notification if there is sponsorship available for the meal. Beneficiaries: get to claim the meal online and pick it up from you at the time and place you specify.
Sponsors: Make someone smile today with a free meal. Are you an individual or corporation looking to make a difference? Register with us and sponsor meals for beneficiaries. If you can spare a few dollars for a meal, you have enough to donate. You can track your donation and be alerted when the meal you sponsored has been claimed. Payment is made directly to the food providers when a beneficiary redeems his or her meal.

If you are an organisation, there is no better way to build goodwill within the community than to pay it forward. we will be launching soon and welcome individual and Corporate Giving! *Merchants and partnership to join us for FREE.

Contact us : [email protected]

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