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Dancing Petals - Purchase a Gaia Bouquet from The Dancing Petals and do good



Introducing the Gaia Collection by Dancing Petals - a bouquet of flowers that will last longer because proper flower care is practiced, along with a recyclable bouquet wrapper and a great cause. This collection brings to you Singapore's first 2-in-1 approach to bouquet packaging. We combine the usual paper message card and plastic/paper flower wrapper into one simple solution; a fabric wrapping with your own heartfelt message inked onto it. Through our approach, we are heavily reducing the use of paper material in our bouquet production. Fresh flowers’ lifespan may now be prolonged because people are “forced” to unwrap the flowers to reveal the message. Recipients will now practice having to place flowers into a vase of water and thus allowing them to maximise the flowers’ lifespan. We use linen as it is a material that is sustainable and eco-friendly. The fabric which contains the loving message from their loved ones would no longer suffer the fate of a card being chucked somewhere, but repurposed into other useful items such as pouches, tapestries, totebags, placemats, bread covers, small window shields and even pillowcases; the list is up to one’s creativity and handicraft skills. Customers who receive their GAIA bouquet can choose to bring back the fabric to have us wrap their new flowers in the same fabric to receive $10 off their floral purchase. The $10 rebate can be a way for individuals to give back to societies as we hope to align our efforts with like-minded charities to receive.