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Redistributing unsold food at clearance pricing


We provide businesses and households with affordable food supplies while driving food sustainability

Large amounts of food are being wasted every year as food gets imported at a higher quantity than importers can clear and being discriminated for their size, shape and colour despite being perfectly good for consumption. 

The food from suppliers is offered at clearance pricing on our platform allowing businesses and households to save food and save cost with us.

To date, we have diverted 2,356 tons of food from landfills. Our team has pioneered and supported a couple of initiatives that seek to alleviate food insecurity:

1. We recently launched our app with FoodBank to streamline food donation processes to serve more beneficiaries Hence, we actively look to support partners (suppliers and beneficiaries) to work with or are working with FoodBank.
2. We have partnered social services e.g. Beyond Social Services, The Ray of Hope Initiative and HCSA to provide affordable food supplies for their beneficiaries.
3. During the circuit breaker, we co-kickstarted Good Food For Community because we wanted to provide affordable meals to those affected financially by the pandemic. In collaborating with Manna Pots (a caterer that takes supplies from TreeDots) and The Thought Collective, we got to stretch donations to feed more mouths at 40% cheaper than the next best quote. Here are more details for your reference.
4.In December 2018, we worked with MasterChef Singapore Zander Ng and DBS to prepare a Boxing Day charity dinner for over 100 beneficiaries of Willing Hearts with unsold food

Looking For :
1.We would like to scale our sustainability impact through greater awareness and reach to potential partners, businesses and households to explore more synergies to achieve greater food security in our community.
2.We are also looking for opportunities to work with hawkers and businesses to alleviate their cost pressures in operation.

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