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Reinvend Solutions Pte. Ltd. - Seeking partners to sponsor Giftback Vending Machines to sell locally designed products from social enterprises


Seeking partners for Giftback Vending Machines

Vending machine operator and distributor ReinVend Solutions has introduced Giftback Vending Machines – vending machines that sell locally designed and handmade products from social enterprises and social service agencies in Singapore.

Its aim is to support these organisations affected by the lack of physical sales channels due to Covid-19. With Giftback Vending Machines, they can continue to sell their products through automated sales channels with high visibility and raise awareness on their cause.

Proceeds from the sale will go directly to the organisations.

ReinVend Solutions is looking for:

1. Venue partners – partners who are willing to provide a free space for Giftback Vending Machines

2. Funding partners – sponsors for Giftback Vending Machines

3. Product partners – social enterprises or social service agencies who are interested in selling their products through Giftback Vending Machines

If you wish to connect with this partner, please submit a request to connect via the form below.