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Seeking partners & individuals to teach differently-abled crafters and co-create crafts to sell

Founded and spearheaded by SUSS students, Social Gifting is set to create a community where crafting can bring people together, enable impact and enrich communities. 

Social Gifting provides free crafting sessions to co-create exquisite handmade gifts with warriors, empowering them to build on their strengths and enabling them to live an enriching life with dignity. They include warriors who are fighting their battles in autism, mental illness, physical disabilities, motherhood, and seniors in social isolation.

As of 2020, with the help of 924 volunteers, we have conducted 141 crafting sessions to co-create 32,508 gifts with 80 differently-abled crafters and disbursed $55,000 to them.


We are looking for like-minded individuals or corporates to teach (on pro-bono basis) the differently-abled crafters to co-create crafts to sell :

1. Form a team to brainstorm crafting ideas that you would like to teach the differently-abled crafters. 

2. Understand what are the differently-abled crafters' needs, constraints, and ability. Establish the materials needed. 

3. Create a crafting video and meet the differently-abled crafter virtually or physically.  (

4. Wrap up and evaluate the program.  


If you are interested, please connect via the form below.

Start Date: 01 Apr 2021
End Date: 31 Dec 2021


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