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Fairmarch Pte. Ltd. - Get a Mother’s Day gift set featuring cake, macarons and flowers! 5% of the sales proceeds will go towards Daughters of Tomorrow.


Get a Mother’s Day gift set! 5% of the sales proceeds will go towards Daughters of Tomorrow.

This Mother's Day, surprise your mother with our thoughtfully curated exclusive gift sets in collaboration with Crunchy Teeth and Flour Power, bakeries with a social mission. 

Exclusive Gift Sets
1. Crunchy Teeth Cake x Bloom Bouquet
The 6-inch vanilla layer cake is frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream, decorated with homemade macarons and fresh flowers, and layered with homemade strawberry jam. It comes with a bloom bouquet of fresh flowers. 

2. Flour Power Cookies x Mini Bloom Bouquet in a stylishly rustic crate
The cookies come in three classic flavours - chocolate chips, black sesame and oatmeal cranberry.  It will be contained in a stylish rustic crate with a mini bloom bouquet.

It comes with free delivery. What's more, don't miss out on the specials for a bundle of 2 gift sets too. 

Donation to DOT
For every gift set purchase, Fairmarch will contribute 5% of the sales proceeds to Daughters of Tomorrow, a charity that supports women towards gainful employment and a better future. 

Check out our exclusive gift sets. 


Crunchy Teeth
Crunchy Teeth trains autistic youths and adults, who are on the moderate to severe spectrum, in baking. Started by four mothers who have autistic children, Crunchy Teeth aims to empower the youths and adults with relevant employable skills and grow their confidence in a workplace environment.

Flour Power
Flour Power is a bakery that provides on-the-job training for people with special needs and recovering mental patients. They are taught to bake and are also trained in customer service so that they can eventually find a job in the F&B industry.

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