Collaborate for Good

Eat for Good x Ashraf’s Cafe


The Takeout Campaign will provide meals to 30 low-income families with special needs individuals

Ashraf's Cafe is an inclusive cafe that was established to serve as a training ground for adult students in the ‘Work Readiness Adult Program’ (WRAP) and to serve as one of the learning spaces to impart living skills for adult students in the ‘Day Care Program’ (DCP) from MIJ Hub.

It aims to empower special needs individuals to gain skills for employment and the larger society to practice acceptance. It also provides employment opportunities for individuals of different abilities and socio-economic backgrounds especially those who are unable to receive open employment due to their various conditions.

Visit us at 168 Changi Road or order online here.

The Takeout Campaign
The Takeout Campaign was launched to provide hearty meals to low-income families with special needs individuals. Currently, the initiative serves 30 families every 3 times a week. You can ease their burden and put a smile on their faces when you make a donation that goes to funding the initiative.

Support The Takeout Campaign here.