Introduction to Company of Good

  • The Company of Good programme was launched on 2 June 2016. It is developed by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation (SBFF), supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY), and in support of Singapore Cares (SG Cares). It empowers businesses operating in Singapore to do good in strategic, sustainable and impactful ways.

  • Company of Good is for practitioners or business owners in Singapore that would like to influence and drive sustainable and strategic corporate giving in Singapore. You can be from various functions and departments such as Human Resource, Marketing & Communications, Sustainability, Public Affairs and more.
  • To be a Company of Good member, simply sign up with us. Membership is free. As a member, you would be kept posted with latest updates on Company of Good.

  • As a member of Company of Good, you have access to a myriad of corporate giving resources, connect with a community of like-minded practitioners through networking events, roundtables and workshops, and inspire other companies through good corporate giving practices. We help companies to do good well in their giving, and to benefit both their business and the community while doing so.
  • There is no fee to be a Company of Good member.
  • Yes, you can. We equip professionals in Singapore with the perspective and capability of strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate social responsibility. Please also invite your colleagues who are driving corporate giving in your company to be part of us.
  • You can visit our library of resources for tips and guides on how you can start corporate giving in your company. For a start, we recommend you to check out the top 5 downloaded resources.   You can also find inspiration from stories of corporate giving by other companies. You may also be interested to join the Company of Good Fellowship to build capabilities in leadership and corporate giving.

  • You can check out the available volunteering opportunities through Giving.sg.The portal is developed by National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, which allows users to browse for different non-profit organisations as well as different types of volunteering activities. If you have a big group of volunteers, you will need to check directly with the volunteering host if they can accommodate or host your volunteers. Finding out which specific social causes your colleagues are interested in volunteering will also help you to narrow down a non-profit organisation to work with.

  • If you are a Partner or Member of Company of Good, you may refer to our media kit on guidelines for the usage of Company of Good logo.

My Company of Good Account

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  • With an account, you can: Receive latest updates from Company of Good via email, gain access to the myriad of corporate giving resources and toolkits, and be invited for programmes and networking events, roundtables and workshops.

  • No, your colleague would have to create a new account under ‘Sign up’.

Troubleshooting for your Company of Good Account

  • You can find resources, events and stories which you have bookmarked under “Account Setting” > “Favourites”.
  • As non-member, you would see snippet of the resource. You will need to be logged-in / signed up as a Company of Good member to gain full access to the resources.

Posting/ Sharing on Company of Good

  • You can click here to share your stories and thoughts. Submissions will be reviewed and approved by the Secretariat before it is published on the Company of Good website. The author may be contacted for clarifications regarding the submission.

  • Companies can contribute to stories or thought-leadership pieces relating to corporate giving. Some examples could be, but not limited to: Corporate giving activities and journey in your company, Corporate giving trends, Strategies to incorporate strategic and sustainable corporate giving.
  • The Company of Good team will review your submission and will be in touch with you via email once it is successfully published on the site.

My Giving Profile

  • The Giving Profile helps companies identify areas of strengths and improvement for strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate giving. You can set your Giving Profile here.  

  • Yes. Members are allowed three attempts a year. If you would like to attempt the quiz again. Please click here.

  • We encourage users to attempt the Giving Profile every year to assess if your company has made any improvements in driving corporate giving.

Company of Good Fellowship

  • The Company of Good Fellowship is organised by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC). Fellows selected for the programme will: Participate in a series of seminars, workshops, study visits and dialogue sessions, to develop and implement an action project relevant to their business and community; gain access to a community of like-minded professionals and subject-matter experts on leadership and corporate giving; receive guidance and support from experienced mentors in their learning journey.

  • Company of Good Fellowship is designed to build capabilities in leadership and strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate giving. A strong pool of passionate talents from across different sectors and sizes participates in the Company of Good Fellowship. The programme is designed for highly passionate top talents who are engaged in but not limited to the following functions: Corporate Strategy and Planning, Human Resource, Marketing and Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Affairs/ Sustainability. Applicants can be at different trajectories of giving, and from any Singapore-registered businesses.
  • Applicants can apply online by completing the application form and upload their curriculum vitae, a recent passport size photo, and other relevant supporting documents (e.g. reference letter) here.

  • Yes. The usual programme fees is S$8000. Fees for successful candidates have been heavily  subsidized. Total fees payable for candidates from Large Enterprises is S$1800 and candidates from Small and Medium Enterprises is S$1,320.

  • There is no restriction on the number of applicants nominated by the company/ organisation. However, to ensure quality and diversity for each intake, only one to two applicants from the same company/ organisation will be admitted to the Company of Good Fellowship.  
  • The form should be signed by the company/ organisation’s CEO, COO, Talent Management Director, Human Resource Director or the equivalent who is endorsing the applicant.

  • Upon the application deadline closing, the Fellowship Secretariat will review the applications and shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  • The interview allows the Fellowship Secretariat to understand the applicant better and to clarify questions that applicants may have about the Company of Good Fellowship.

Company of Good Fellowship - Programme

  • Experts, academics and practitioners who are specialists in the fields of leadership and corporate social responsibility fields will conduct the learning sessions. Details are available in the here.

  • There will be a total of 12 learning days over five months. Every month, the fellow will attend two to three learning sessions which will be held on the fourth week of every month. Fellows are also encouraged to set aside time to work on their action project and meet with their mentors two hours per month for consultations.

  • The Company of Good Fellowship is designed to help fellows build knowledge and skills in leadership and corporate giving. The sessions are specially curated to maximise the fellows’ learning experience and enable them develop their action project. Fellows are required to attend all the sessions for a holistic learning experience.
  • Fellows need to fulfil a minimum of 80% attendance rate to graduate from the programme. Fellows who are unable to meet the attendance requirement would have to pay the full programme fee. Prior to applying, it is recommended that applicants understand the goal and commitment requirements.
  • All fellows will develop and implement an action project during the programme. It will be presented to a panel of judges at the end of the programme. Fellows would have to apply key concepts learnt through the programme to the project, and ensure that it is strategic, sustainable and impactful.

Company of Good Fellowship - Action Project

  • It is a project undertaken by the fellow to apply what they have learnt from the programme to benefit their business and the community. Fellows have to fulfil this requirement to graduate from the programme. It will be developed by fellows as they go through the learning sessions during the five-month programme. Mentors will also be assigned to guide and support fellows as they develop their action project.
  • There are no restrictions to the scope. It can range from planning a strategic long-term corporate social responsibility programme for their company to reassessing their company’s corporate giving policies, systems and incentives. The action project allows the fellows to develop a useful and implementable corporate giving programme that has value for both the business and the community.
  • Fellows can choose to: (1) Start a brand new project, or (2) Enhance existing projects in their company/ other fellow’s company, or (3) Adopt a resident project under the Company of Good Fellowship.
  • Fellows can choose to work individually, or collaborate with other fellows from either the same or a different company, as long as the action project can create value for companies/organisations and the community.
  • Fellows are encouraged to get the relevant buy in and resources to integrate the action project as part of their CSR so as to ensure it is sustainable and strategic to their business. Only top two winning action projects will receive a sum of S$5000 to amplify their project impact.

Company of Good Fellowship - Mentoring

  • Mentors will guide and inspire fellows during their leadership and capability development journey in corporate giving. They will share their knowledge and best practices of leadership and corporate giving as they guide the fellows through developing and implementing their action project. They could also connect fellows to appropriate resources.
  • Mentors are experienced practitioners who have relevant experience in strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate giving programmes.
  • The Fellowship Secretariat will match fellows to their mentor based on industry background, corporate giving experience, and cause(s) which mentors have been involved in.
  • It is encouraged that mentors and fellows have at least four group-based mentoring sessions during the programme, with one session per month. This could be done through any communication channels that are deemed effective for learning between both parties.
  • To optimise learning, it is recommended that fellows take ownership and initiative in building a relationship with their mentors, follow through on actions that are agreed upon, and stick with the schedules that have been confirmed. The Fellowship Secretariat will provide more guidance and direction during the first of fellows’ learning sessions.

Company of Good Fellowship - Post Programme

  • An exclusive alumni of fellows will be formed during each intake, and fellows will be invited for exclusive networking events. We also encourage fellows to join us as mentors to guide new fellows in their journey of capability development in leadership and corporate social responsibility

Champions of Good

  • Champions of Good are organisations that practise good corporate giving and are also committed to influencing and multiplying corporate giving in Singapore. They believe in giving back and advocate for companies to do their part to build and sustain a cohesive and collaborative society. Taking the initiative to lead, connect and influence fellow companies, Champions of Good also look for like-minded companies, intermediaries and non-profit organisations to enable their work.

    Champions of Good was launched in 2017 as a national recognition initiative under the Company of Good, a part of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre. It recognises organisations that are exemplary in doing good and have also been a multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative journey.

  • PVPA is an accolade conferred by the President of the Republic of Singapore to honour those who have set new benchmarks of excellence in encouraging the spirit of giving in Singapore. PVPA recognises those who have been exemplary in their giving practices across different age groups, informal groups, non-profits and companies. Each year, there are two corporate winners, one in the ‘Small & Medium Sized Enterprise’ category and the other in the ‘Large Enterprise’ category. These awards aim to encourage winners, and inspire others to bring about a higher level of volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore.

    While similar in framework and purpose, the emphasis for Champions of Good is on catalysing corporate giving with stakeholders. The organisations, “Champions” are the cause of corporate giving and during the period of their recognition, they will engage with NVPC’s programme platforms to continue growing a culture of giving among businesses.

  • 1. Be recognised as a leader for corporate giving in Singapore

    The Champion of Good recognition is an acknowledgement and validation of your organisation’s good giving and your commitment to growing corporate giving in Singapore. Champions of Good will be celebrated and acknowledged at an event attended by senior business leaders and corporate giving practitioners.

    In addition, your organisation will have opportunities to be featured on media platforms.

    2. Inspire fellow businesses to give back through your example

    As a Champion of Good, your organisation will become a peer leader for corporate giving to businesses in Singapore. Your organisation have the opportunity to engage with ready platforms to share your values and approaches to corporate giving, the benefits it has brought both to society and to your business. This would in turn guide and inspire other companies in Singapore to give or improve their giving. The goal is for every organisation in Singapore to engage in some form of giving

    3. Acknowledge your employees publicly for their good work

    People are at the heart of every organisation and it is the employees that put the time and effort into giving that make it successful. Being recognised as a Champion of Good would provide great encouragement to your staff for their efforts and a potential boost to internal support for corporate giving as well.

  • Yes, you can. The logo, indicating the year that the recognition was attained, can be used indefinitely.

  • Organisations are recognised as Champions of Good for the year attained. They are encouraged to reapply to be considered as Champions of Good in subsequent years.