Giving Profile

Where are you in your giving journey?

Different companies are at different levels of giving. We enable you to give better, regardless of where you are in your giving journey.

The Giving Profile shows where your company is on the journey of giving – Emerging, Budding or Inspiring. Here’s what you can do to create greater impetus for corporate giving in your company:

What is the Giving Profile?

The Giving Profile helps companies identify areas of strength and improvement for strategic, sustainable and impactful corporate giving.

The Company of Good 4 'I' Framework: Turn good intentions into sound business practices. This 4 'I' Framework was referenced from Points of Light’s The Civic 50 model It provides a robust framework for good corporate citizenship. Esteemed businesses and academics, including Ms Caroline Brassard, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy have helped to shape the Company of Good 4 'I' Framework.

An Emerging Giver

You are giving on an ad-hoc basis, or you have the intention and interest to give, but have not started.

Keep going!

A Budding Giver

You are giving regularly and in ways that are more strategic, sustainable and impactful.

Keep up the effort!

An Inspiring Giver

You are giving in ways that are strategic, sustainable and impactful, and are meeting community needs, employee interests and business goals simultaneously.

Well done! Let’s inspire more corporate givers!

How is my company doing in terms of giving?