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Company of Good connects organisations to do good strategically, sustainably and impactfully. Through its initiatives, like-minded organisations can learn, network and collaborate for good.

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Since its launch in June 2016, the Company of
Good has actively engaged companies, from new to current givers, in growing
their giving efforts holistically. It is particularly encouraging to see more
SMEs coming on board – the corporate giving landscape is slowly but surely
changing in the right direction, and the CoG is instrumental in spearheading
this change. In 5-10 years, I hope Singapore as a “giving nation” is no longer
a vision but a beautiful reality.

- Clarice Chan, Founder, ICON+ Pte Ltd

Company of Good framework guided us in the setup of our corporate giving program that balance business objectives, employees’ interests and positive impact to the beneficiaries.

- Khor Hwai Lin, Senior Strategy Manager, Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

As a small and medium enterprise, we often
struggle with defining what good corporate giving means. So, we are very
grateful to have a programme like Company of Good to guide us on giving well
and in a more holistic manner. We find the resources and training from the
Company of Good programme to be useful in helping us to improve on our giving

- Peh Zhengyang, Director, D’Elegance International Pte Ltd

By tapping on Company of Good’s resources and networking, we get better and more effective at what we are doing. Ultimately, the causes that we support benefit.

- Selena Chong, Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility, Singapore Post Ltd

Company of Good has helped to
provide an easy way for companies to either get started to give, or learn to
give better. This will help companies to build their internal Corporate Social
Responsibility capabilities. Ultimately, this will result in more impactful and meaningful
giving, both for the companies and the community-at-large

- Sharon Eng, Head, Corporate Sustainability, Maybank SIngapore