We are new to corporate giving

What is corporate giving? Why should my company even give or care?

You’re asking all the right questions, at the right place!

At Company of Good, we help businesses like yours engage in strategic corporate giving that benefits both businesses and the community.

People want to work for businesses that are socially responsible, and buy from companies that put goodness first. Developing corporate giving is good business acumen.

It is that simple. Goodness is the business of every organisation.

Why should companies care about corporate giving?

At Company of Good, we believe that creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals. Rather, they are both essential ingredients for long-term success. Corporate giving has become increasingly important for businesses, especially in today’s customer-centric and highly connected world. No longer operating in vacuums, people and companies share their values, beliefs and opinions in an integrated ecosystem.

Here are three reasons why corporate giving benefits your business:

Millennials have expressed strong preferences to spend their precious waking hours in meaningful jobs, and with companies that act ethically.

Consumers are concerned about the story behind their purchases. A business with a social purpose that resonates with its audience has a competitive advantage.

Corporate giving is a strategy for talent development as it provides opportunities for the high- potential corporate leaders to acquire skills and mindset shifts in managing different relationships, competing interests and uncertainties in a volatile world.

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