Community Series #1: Elderly in Singapore

17 Dec 2018

Singapore Post Download the slides here  |  Watch the video here
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) Download the slides here.
NTUC Health SilverAce Download the slides here  |  Watch the video here

For our first Company of Good Community Series session, we were privileged to have Singapore Post’s Selena Chong, Vice President of Corporate Sustainability host the Fireside Chat with her non-profit partners, Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and NTUC Health SilverAce to share their insights on issues faced by the elderly in Singapore, and of SingPost’s Programme Silver, a slew of initiatives that aim to address just that.

Here are three key insights from the presentations and the break-out group discussions.

1. Holistic support is crucially needed for the elderly in Singapore

To best support the elderly, a holistic approach spanning physical, social, financial, environmental and many other aspects of life is needed. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to them.

One of the issues raised include helping them to keep up with technology – in the rise of Singapore’s Smart Nation, the elderly are first to be left behind, not only because they don’t use it as frequently, but also because they prefer face-to-face transactions. Another issue is social isolation, rendering elderly unable to get help when they need it.

2. Integrating giving as part of everyday business

For companies which face challenges due to lack of resources in giving back, consideration can be made to design giving efforts to be a part of the business normal operations.

In SingPost’s case, their Postmen Home Visit Initiative trains postmen to look out for seniors while delivering their mail, checking in with them further if time permits. They act as an extra pair of eyes for the community, and such simple acts are integrated in what they are already doing.

3. Engaging your employees to work better

Corporates face many issues in engaging their employees to volunteer, such as a small company size, disengaged staff, and more. Here are some of the tips raised:

• Top-down and bottom-up needed
While top-down approach helps kickstart the initiatives, there needs to be a ground-up effort where employees enjoy their volunteering and see the value in their efforts.
• 1 + 1 = 3 in collaboration
If manpower is a major concern in volunteering, collaborate and work with other small organisations who are looking to do the same.
• Empower the converts
While it is very difficult to convert the non-converts, focus and groom employees who are passionate about doing the work. By tapping on them, word will slowly spread and the enjoyment of giving back will multiply.
• Set up the right processes
Organisations can start by having a dedicated CSR mailbox, which shares stories and opportunities of giving to the employees. Feedback channels can be set up to allow employees to raise causes or social issues they want to give back to.

Watch the video presentations here. You may also download a copy of these insights below.