Giving Week Corporate Deck

26 Aug 2019

Imagine a week where we constantly get opportunities to give – from the moment we start our day, during our commute, at work, at play, when having a meal, or shopping, even our conversations and activities have an element of care.

As the movement grows, we hope that Giving gets embedded in our DNA. Giving becomes part of our culture. It becomes our way of life, that we are inspired to give, even without being reminded to.

Giving Week is to giving, what Valentine’s day is to love.

It is a celebration of the spirit of giving, where we see brands, non-profits and people give and share their time, talent, treasure and voice to support any cause they are passionate about in all ways big and small to help us become a #CityofGood.

View the case study deck for corporates coming on board Giving Week and get inspired!