Catalyst of Change

22 Oct 2019

The vast majority of large companies in Singapore are already active givers. While the most common way for such companies to give is by cash donations, some large companies are developing creative ways to multiply the impact of their corporate giving.

Champion of Good CapitaLand, one of Asia's largest real estate companies, is a prime example. Their initiatives such as the CapitaLand Young Architect Programme, Gifts of Joy and CapitaLand Giving Marketplace, draw on the company's assets, networks and skills to inspire and mobilise others to give.

The Company of Good 4 'I's Framework of Good Giving helps us to see what have been the key ingredients for the success of these initiatives. Investment - aligning giving to the company's vision, mission and strategy - was the key feature of the CapitaLand Young Architect Programme, which engages the younger generation to play a role in shaping real estate of the future. Integration - combining giving with business functions and supporting business interests - was central to the success of the CapitaLand Giving Marketplace and the Gifts of Joy programme, which both provide platforms for tenants and their staff to give easily.

Across all of these initiatives, CapitaLand shows not only how its corporate philanthropy efforts can benefit both business and society, but also how companies have the potential to be catalysts for change in the community. Download the case study to find out