COG Online Learning Session #4: Positioning for Success through Purpose-led Leadership

18 Aug 2020

On 7 August 2020, Tong Yee, Director of The Thought Collective gave a 90-minute webinar titled, ‘Positioning for Success through Purpose-led Leadership’ hosted by COG. This talk sought deliver insight on the shared global suffering of COVID-19 and better articulate possible acts of leadership which have huge potential to resonate with global audiences.

We explored the following 4 questions in this talk:

1. What is happening now to individual, organisation and society, and what has this to do with corporates?

2. What are the reasons or conditions contributing to the crisis of trust that seems to be rapidly spreading throughout countries and markets?

3. How can we as leaders respond to these challenges? And how can we introduce change that resonates with audiences?

4. What benefits will we see if we change what we do? How can organisations position themselves for success?

Access the video recording of the webinar here.