IPRS Survey on ESG Communications 2021

17 Sep 2021

The Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS) released the survey report on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Communications. A total of 118 communications professionals in various sectors across Asia responded to questions on their knowledge and experiences with ESG and its impact on the overall communications practice.

IPRS identifies ESG communications as an emerging discipline for communicators who are tasked to help organisations and clients to establish their positions on social sustainability and corporate governance. With regulators and the discerning public casting a watchful eye, any form of communications strategy must be built on authenticity and accountability. This task is further challenged by the need to simplify content gleaned from ESG reports that are often financial and based on global standards of measurements.

The survey results point to a growing proportion of the communicator’s time being spent on developing the ESG storyline. Knowledge acquisition becomes vital for new entrants to the industry, those who wish to advance their careers or seek to specialise in ESG. The good news is that as more ESG work is generated, whether organically or by intervention, the collective knowhow continues to grow and expand. The outcome is a better understanding of ESG and its role in organisations.

“ESG Communications is the process through which a company communicates its purpose to key stakeholders. It helps companies to consider the reasons for their existence.”

~ Uantchern Loh, Chief Storyteller, Black Sun Asia Pacific.