The Next Wave of Growth in Corporate Pro-Bono Service

27 Sep 2017

CECP’s recently released Giving in Numbers is the tenth edition of this annual benchmarking report. In addition to marking a decade of corporate philanthropy benchmarking, this particular edition is also the sixth year since CECP began tracking pro-bono services specifically. CECP’s 2008 adoption of pro-bono service as a cash-equivalent form of giving was a critical step for the field; for the first time on a substantial platform, pro bono-service was recognized as providing a value to nonprofits that was clearly distinct from traditional volunteer activities and more equivalent to the donation of products or funds.

With six years of comparative data, the recent release of Giving in Numbers presents an opportune time to reflect on the data trends observed over the past six years of growth and look ahead to the advances and approaches that we believe will drive the next six.