Introduction to Corporate Foundations

27 Sep 2017

Corporate Foundation is a vehicle through which some companies undertake their corporate giving. A Foundation's resources are usually made up of investment income on assets given by a company, regular donations from a company, an endowment linked to a company's profits or money raised by a company's customers or employees. It is a separate legal entity and overseen by a board of directors .

Here are why the reasons why you should set up a Foundation:

  • Often used as a vehicle for a type of corporate giving that is at arm's length from a company’s core business
  • Can be an effective way for a company to support less popular or less well-known causes
  • Helps to ensure that a company’s giving is structured, transparent, continuous and creates significant impact
  • Because foundations report on their funding priorities, this allow for clearer communication on what they will support and what they will not
  • Can help to ring fence corporate giving funding that may otherwise come under threat from wider changes within the business
  • Visible demonstration of a company’s commitment to corporate giving