Introduction to Impact Measurement

27 Sep 2017

“What gets measured, gets managed” and “What gets managed, gets done” are adages that have been commonly used for many years now. The concept being that if you measure then that focuses people’s attention, communicates what is important, indicates success and gives you a clear basis for improving performance.

Corporate giving is no exception. It is important to evaluate what you actually accomplish through your giving efforts versus your goals and objectives. That way you can make sure that you are investing in the community in an impactful and meaningful way, using your resources effectively, continuously refining the way that you give back, and communicating progress to your stakeholders.

Measuring the value and outcomes of your corporate giving can be challenging as the benefits can often be long-term, intangible and difficult to quantify. However, it is through the process of collecting, analysing and actioning measures that you can deliver the greatest possible outcomes and create maximum value through your corporate giving efforts over time.