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Giving can start with the littlest act

We then came up with a challenge: instead of a season of gifting, can we turn this into a season for giving?

Global giving movement - Giving Tuesday - tries to answer just that.

Occurring right after Cyber Monday, it is active in close to 50 places though we are still severely under-represented here in Asia - only India, Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Singapore celebrate it.

For many worldwide, Giving Tuesday is simply Fundraising Day. But in Singapore, our kiasu-ism prevails - we are the only ones who have extended it to a week, with the hope to earmark this week as the Season for Giving, akin to how love is to Valentine's Day.

Our vision is simple: a week where we constantly get opportunities to give. From the moment we start our day, during our commute, at work, at play, when having a meal, shopping; even during our daily conversations and activities, we have an element of care. Just as we think of our loved ones as we shop for gifts, Giving Week provides a way to think of the people who need it most, and to do something about it.

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