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[Update] Psyched to have Project Makan be part of Eat for Good! YMCA is partnering with The Social Kitchen to provide free meals for needy children and their families affected by the crisis. Every $5 donation will cover the costs of delivery, ingredients and meal preparation by our Y Cafe chefs. Please donate generously to ensure that our affected clients will not have to worry about having food on their tables in this difficult time.

To support Project Makan in partnership with The Social Kitchen, visit our campaign page at:

To support Samsui Kitchen and other F&B partners by purchasing pay-it-forward meals, visit our campaign page here.



You’ve read the news of COVID-19 reaching all corners of the globe, the snaking supermarket queues, rumours spreading like wildfire, among others.

You have also read stories of good, where Singaporeans banded together to support one another. Such as a chicken rice stall owner garnering public support to cook and deliver packets of halal chicken rice to healthcare workers, and a surge of blood donors immediately after an urgent appeal was made. You have read of Singaporeans who opened their homes to our neighbours living on the other end of the Causeway, and others who pledged their $600 pay-out from the Solidarity Budget to support various charities. We are truly SG United – giving our best for others, in whatever ways we can.

At Company of Good, we believe that goodness should not just emerge only in times of crisis. Singapore should be united, virus or otherwise.  We have been advocating to make goodness the business of every organisation – getting companies in Singapore to realise that doing good is not a one-off charitable act, but something that should be part of business-as-usual. Doing good should be part of everyday life, in good times or bad – and just as it applies to organisations embedding doing good as part of business strategy and goals, so should it apply to individuals in their daily lives.


Singapore is known as a food paradise, with many of our social and cultural norms built around our love of food. Can our food paradise be paradise for everyone? Whether you are grocery shopping at the supermarkets, having a meal at the hawker centres or restaurants (not for now though! #stayhome), or ordering food delivery online – can these everyday acts support others in need?

In the first of several collaborative initiatives aimed at making goodness part of daily encounters and experience, we have launched Eat for Good, which will bring various partners and stakeholders in the food and dining space to collaborate towards our wider vision.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected Singaporeans from all walks of life, from workers who might have had their jobs cut, to small F&B businesses experiencing a massive plunge in footfall, loss of income and a dwindling timeframe to prepare for various circuit-breaking measures. We hope that Eat for Good will support those in need of a meal and our local F&B businesses.


In the first edition, Eat for Good X Feed the City will bring together F&B businesses such as Samsui Kitchen to offer pay-it-forward meals to vulnerable groups in the community. Whether you are an individual or representing an organisation, you are invited to buy these meals. Your contribution will go to the F&B business – and in return, they will prepare a meal for someone who needs it.

As we open this collaborative opportunity for individuals and corporates, we are heartened that our Company of Good community stepped up so quickly and responded to our call. The first 1,000 Eat for Good meals have been purchased by Maybank Singapore in support of this initiative and Food Bank Singapore will be managing the distribution of these meals through its Feed the City programme.

We are also excited to have TripAdvisor as a partner, supporting the initiative as part of #LoveYourLocal, an advocacy campaign which aims to support and promote local restaurants affected by COVID-19. You may visit their campaign microsite .

To support Samsui Kitchen and other partners, visit our campaign page here.

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The vision for Eat for Good will go beyond COVID-19, so we would love to welcome potential partners on board with us! We are seeking the following:

  • F&B partners that would like to provide and deliver meals
  • Corporate sponsors that would like to purchase Eat for Good meals in bulk
  • Other partners that would like to explore other areas of collaboration

Visit or reach out to [email protected] with the subject header “Eat for Good Partnership” and our team will be in touch.