Stories of Good

Why Kiasu When You Can Win-Win?

During this pandemic, the retailers’ partnerships with charities have generated much-needed awareness on the plight of families in need. They have allowed charities to cut through the noise and reach a new base of online donors, at a touchpoint where Singaporeans are most amenable to giving: when they’re shopping for themselves. 

In the long term, this will go a long way to reshaping online behaviours, by lowering the barriers to giving and ingraining a spirit of charity into the consumer’s lifestyle.

Online retailers and charities face problems more similar than people would think. Hence, the solution is for them to join forces, as it allows shoppers to do good as a seamless and convenient part of the shopping experience. This is where Retail for Good comes in, helping to drive partnerships between the two. 

Read about how Company of Good members Amazon, Carousell, Fave and Shopee came together in support of charities to better serve the needs of both their customers and marginalised groups here.