Stories of Good

Making connections for doing good in Singapore

"It is paramount that when one puts in place a giving initiative, one also needs to be mindful of any unintended consequences and mitigate risks so that the initiative will be truly beneficial for all in the ecosystem."

“From the Company of Good Fellowship, I learnt to be intentional, strategic, sustainable in looking at corporate giving initiatives and how community needs can be addressed.”

Company of Good Fellows Audrey Gabrielle Liew (South East CDC) and Shannon Kong (Expedia) learned to create synergy and maximise value to both business and society, by harnessing the common desire of different parties to do good for the community. Besides acquiring the skills and knowledge to design corporate social responsibility strategies, networking and mentorship opportunities opened up for them to inspire others and multiply social impact.

Read about the initiatives that Audrey and Shannon undertook after graduating from the Company of Good Fellowship here.