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Mindset puts spotlight on mental health

"Just get over it" is a phrase commonly said to people with mental health issues.

"It is as though (these patients) have a choice. Mental health issues are not a choice, or a switch which people can turn on or off.

More often than not, they are caused by changes in brain chemistry, genetics or trauma, to name a few factors. Thus, it is important that these individuals seek help from medical professionals instead of ignoring the problem because of the fear of social stigma."

Addressing this widespread unawareness has given Jardines MINDSET programme head Colyn Chua a sense of mission at the registered charity of the Jardine Matheson Group. In looking for ways to strengthen the mental health sector in Singapore, Colyn enrolled in the Company of Good Fellowship programme and acquired the tools and partnerships to do so.

Read about how being a Company of Good Fellow led Colyn to further her passion in social service and to drive change in the mental health landscape here.