Stories of Good

How One Woman Ushered in a Culture of Doing Good at This Five-Star Hotel

“Not all of these youths will end up in hospitality, but I hope they’ll never forget the feeling of being treated like a VIP.

That’s the intangible part. Teaching these kids that it’s possible to live a life of dignity, while treating others with respect and kindness.”

When Company of Good Fellow Cathy Chia from The Fullerton Hotels and Resorts hosted a group of marginalised youth to a five-star hotel experience, she realised that their families faced a lot more than just making ends meet. In seeking ways to build something with lasting social impact, she enrolled for the Company of Good Fellowship programme—through which she picked up the skills and knowledge to develop the Fullerton Academy, where youth-at-risk are trained in hospitality and other technical skills.

Read about how Cathy was inspired to commit her time to help create the future we want to see here.