Stories of Good

Strength in numbers, power in unity

"We believe that giving to the community doesn't mean we are losing profit, time or resources.

There are many intangible but nonetheless crucial things we have gained, such as trust and reputation. While these are difficult to quantify, there are anecdotal cases where both prospective clients and employees have indicated that our comprehensive CSR programme is part of why they have chosen to work with or for us."

While the focus behind companies' initiatives in doing good tend to rest on what is the social impact they've created, it is important as well to know that the organisations and their employees also gain valuable experiences and lessons from the beneficiaries. This is especially so when companies host skills-based volunteering exercises, where staff members bring their skills to support the community. As doing so often means employees come into closer interactions with the people they are helping, leading them to feel a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment as well.

Read about how two Champions of Good, Deutsche Bank and KPMG, actively search for opportunities to give back by filling capability gaps whilst engaging their employees to leverage their expertise for a good cause here.