Stories of Good

How Shiseido and Unilever are changing lives with makeup and hygiene products

“We know we cannot go it alone when it comes to making positive social and environmental impact.” 

Though a company’s products are typically intended only for money-making, Shiseido and Unilever look to use their goods for purposes beyond profit. Identifying gaps in communities around them, they have donated items to cancer patients and migrant workers alike, fulfilling unmet needs. Shiseido’s skincare services strengthened recipients’ psychological confidence after fights against illness, while Unilever offered hygiene essentials to those hardest hit by Covid-19. 

These companies also embrace the spirit of collaboration to do good. Working in tandem with others multiplies impact, so Shiseido and Unilever connected with organisations to initiate social programmes. By volunteering their time and skills, they equipped others with knowledge to better themselves. The companies were named Champions of Good 2020, affirming their commitment to making a difference. 

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