Stories of Good

Capitalising on sustainability helps build business resiliency

“For us, [sustainability] goes beyond reducing carbon emissions or the environmental impact of our operations––we believe in making sustainability our business, by developing solutions that can contribute to combating climate change and building a cleaner and greener world.”


It’s no secret that the Earth is experiencing unprecedented warming; indeed, some of the most significant environmental impact stem from irresponsible and unsustainable economic practices. While many businesses continue to explore how they can adapt to the shift towards a value-based, circular economy, CDL and Keppel are trailblazers that recognised and responded to the growing threat of the climate crisis, integrating sustainability into their practices in a strategic and impactful way.


Not only do their actions help the environment, having sustainability at the heart of their strategies ensures that their business models remain relevant into the future. Doing good for the environment assures them of their own, their communities, and the world’s longevity. 


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