Stories of Good

The benefits of doing good

“We find that doing good has far-reaching benefits for both our staff and for [...] organisational culture. Doing good greatly enhances staff loyalty, happiness, and pride.

Staff members, especially the millennials, like to be associated with values such as compassion, trustworthiness, and supportiveness. They are proud to work for a company that supports philanthropic programmes.” 

Amgen Singapore Manufacturing and Grace at Work recognise the value of having corporate purpose, and have benefitted immensely from their CSR initiatives. In an increasingly uncertain economy, these far-sighted companies understand that a sustainable business strategy involves responding to social needs to maintain relevance in the long-term. 

These Champions of Good 2020 thrived when they aligned service with business objectives, and their staff rallied together to help marginalised children and disabled persons alike. The result? A happier, energised workplace that was eager to contribute, working together to widen their impact. 

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