Stories of Good

From reading sessions to career mentoring: How corporate volunteering is evolving beyond Covid-19

“When companies articulate their purpose clearly, everything they hope to achieve through their business and social responsibility efforts will be aligned with what their communities truly need.”

Covid-19 has turned much of our world on its head, where we’ve had to figure out how to adapt to new situations and circumstances. For companies finding their corporate purpose, the challenges they face in our rapidly changing society are no different. With a new set of challenges facing beneficiaries, these companies stepped up to the task. By adapting their resources with a clear objective in doing good, Barclays, Standard Chartered and Cognizant found ways to volunteer and give. 

Standard Chartered made use of their digital expertise to digitalise their volunteering, allowing their young beneficiaries to continue advancing their literacy even during the Circuit Breaker. For Barclays, a virtual career mentoring programme helped mitigate difficulties faced by job-seekers in an uncertain economy. Finally, Cognizant collaborated to launch Virtual Digital Clinics, improving digital literacy amongst seniors in the sudden digitalisation of society following Covid-19. 

These three Champions of Good understood the importance of adapting their CSR efforts; after all, our society will continue to shift with changing socio-political landscapes even after the pandemic. By adapting the ways they do good to suit beneficiaries’ needs, these companies ensure their corporate purpose remains relevant even into the future. 

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