Stories of Good

Grooming leaders for a better tomorrow

"It hence prepares corporates for the future of business, when corporate purpose and ESG issues are gaining prominence. The curriculum does not only develop know-how around doing good, but also develops leadership, systems thinking and design thinking skills..."

As COVID-19 exposed cracks in society, businesses are increasingly expected to play a more critical role to "not only maximise profit, but look at how they can holistically serve the communities in which they operate, in a way that's integrated as part of their business."

One might assume that the two—profit and purpose—are unrelated, or even at odds with each other when the company goes into a downturn. But stakeholders today, ranging from employees to customers and investors, seek out businesses that are 'doing the right thing'.

Read more about how the Company of Good Fellowship was developed with this intent, to help professionals gain the know-how, leadership and business savvy to prepare for the future of businses at the Business Times.