Stories of Good

How businesses in Singapore are learning to synergise profits and social impacts

“It opened a world of relationships; an opportunity to really discover new and fresh ways on what was happening in the world of philanthropy and corporate giving in Singapore. And also how other companies were thinking about expanding their engagements in social issues and what they would do.”

As a social media platform, Twitter enables conversations and communications on a global scale. But as we spend more time on the Internet, the amount of accessible information we consume could get overwhelming; even having negative impacts like creating misinformation.

How then can such platforms ensure the wellbeing of their users while still publishing relevant and insightful content?

Amanda Ang, Twitter's Head of Public Policy in Singapore, acknowledges the role that the company can fulfil in shaping the mindset of the public, and wanted to step up to incorporate goodness into its business.

This led her to the Company of Good Fellowship, of which her boss Kathleen Reen was a member from its inaugural intake. Read about how they each learned to adopt a structured, targeted approach to catalyse long-term change for business and society on Rice Media.