Stories of Good

Leading the change in corporate giving

The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has come a long way since its historical beginnings of donating token cheques and annual visits to elderly homes. Today, more organisations are looking to embed purpose within their business—a whole-of-organisation effort to create sustained value not just in profit, but for people and planet as well.

Championing the CSR revolution are Panneer Selvam (EY) and Apriani Kartika (Prudential), alumni of the Company of Good Fellowship—a programme that equips professionals with the skills and know-how to catalyse change for business and society.

Drawing on their learnings from the Fellowship, initiatives were designed for staff volunteers to impart practical life skills to various communities. For example, EY ran workshops to coach students with disabilities on securing internships and future career opportunities, while Prudential held classes to empower seniors in staying mentally and physically engaged, as well as digitally and socially connected.

Not only has the shift in corporate giving improved the lives of the community, it also benefitted the organisations in more ways than one—as employees feel more connected and engaged in their firms, with many ranking purpose as one of the top values. Read more to find out how the Fellowship provided them with the insights to create meaningful CSR initiatives at the Business Times