Stories of Good

She struggled to speak English in school. Today, she runs a company that empowers communities

Moving to Singapore with the goal of securing an ideal future for herself, Make The Change (MTC) CEO Michelle Lim recounts the hurdles faced along the way—including the inability to converse in English fluently when she first got here.

Overcoming various challenges to begin a lucrative career in the banking industry, Michelle soon realised that the job was not aligned with her calling—making positive social impact. This led her to depart from this path, eventually establishing MTC—a social enterprise that provides creative solutions and training programmes for vulnerable communities.

In spite of MTC being recognised and awarded several times for its impact, Michelle's desire to do good and give back to society eventually led her to the Company of Good Fellowship—where she learned strategies that marry business and social value, and met like-minded individuals passionate about doing good as well.

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