Stories of Good

When doing good resonates with the company's core business, it's win-win

Monetary donations and care pack distributions are all commendable corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices that corporates commonly engage in.
However, these may not always lead to sustained impact for beneficiaries as the supplies are used up. How can companies go a step further to instil purpose such that their CSR initiatives are closely aligned with their core business, such that social impact is created as part of business-as-usual activities?
For Shiseido, Johnson & Johnson and Xylem—recognised as Champions of Good 2020—leveraging their corporate expertise and resources to do good has helped produce win-win results, creating long-term value for both business and community.
Read on to find out how these organisations each catalysed positive change for causes and beneficiary groups that are synergised with their business objectives at The Business Times.