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Infusing the 'Business of Experience' into Doing Good

Can ‘the business of experience’ be applied to something that is vastly different from for-profit operations—like philanthropy?

This is precisely what Accenture Interactive and the Community Foundation of Singapore sought to do together. As donors responded to the pandemic in great numbers and generosity to meet the needs of the community, CFS Chairperson Christine Ong approached Accenture Managing Director, Health & Public Service, ASEAN Mark Tham—who sits on the CFS Board—to discuss opportunities to leverage private sector expertise in service of the greater good.

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Through a series of virtual meetings and online collaborations over a three-month period, the Donor Experience Enhancement Study was completed to review and optimise the donor journey in the context of a rapidly evolving philanthropy landscape.

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With the support of Accenture Interactive’s team of skills-based volunteers, CFS now has on its hands an implementable roadmap to guide its ambitions to scale intelligently and fulfil its role as the one and only community foundation serving Singapore.

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Purpose-driven businesses can benefit non-profits tremendously by sharing their professional knowledge and expertise in areas such as strategic planning, technological and digital innovations, operational enhancements and organisational leadership.

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