Stories of Good

In it together: More companies are rallying employees, business and community partners to do good

“Companies which place an emphasis on community investment tend to be more successful in the long run because it is better perceived by its customers, employees and various stakeholders.

By working together, we can tap on the full potential of our collective resources, footprint and expertise to tackle social issues and make a greater impact in the community." — Ping Ping Tan, Head of Corporate Affairs at Prudential Singapore.

Companies do not exist in silos, and often operate within an interconnected web of stakeholders—ranging across employees, customers, business partners—and in the case of CapitaLand and Prudential Singapore, tenants and financial consultants respectively—just to name a few.

Each of these groups have a role to play in the success of the organisation, and indeed the wider ecosystem, offering unique capabilities and resources that generate amplified value when put together. The same logic holds when applied to creating community impact.

Read about how CapitaLand and Prudential Singapore launched social impact initiatives that tap on the collective assets of their stakeholders to do good at The Straits Times, being recognised as Champions of Good in the process.